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Fabric3 provides both a RESTful management framework and access to runtime and application components via JMX.


The RESTful management resource framework (MRF) exposes the domain, zones, runtimes, runtime components and application components as a hyperlink-based set of resources. The MRF also supports cluster change replication. This allows a resource modification (e.g. POST, PUT, or DELETE) to be made against a single URL and have it replicated to all runtimes in a zone. Since the MRF uses HTTP and JSON as its data format, it is possible to build powerful management applications for Fabric3 using a variety of technologies and programming languages.


Runtime configuration can also be accessed over JMX via a client such as JConsole.

More Information

Fabric3 supports annotations for exposing methods on components as management operations available using the MRF or via JMX. For more information, see Manageable Applications.


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