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This reference covers operational and management aspects of Fabric3. Fabric3 is designed to run in a variety of environments and provide application portability between them. In most cases, configuration is consistent across runtimes

The following are brief descriptions of the supported Fabric3 runtimes:

  • The Standalone Server: Fabric3 includes a server that can be run in a single VM or in a distributed environment with multiple runtime clusters.
  • The Fabric3 Tomcat Runtime: This runtime is hosted in a Tomcat server. The Fabric3 Tomcat Runtime is integrated with Tomcat facilities including JMX and logging. This runtime provides additional services including support for service clustering, JTA transactions, and datasource pooling.
  • The Fabric3 WebLogic Server Runtime: This runtime is hosted in Oracle WebLogic Server. Fabric3 leverages WLS clustering, JMS, JTA transactions, thread pooling, security, data sources and other container-provided features.

Note Fabric3 may also be embedded in other hosts. If you would like to run Fabric3 in an environment listed here, please contact the user list.

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