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BigBank (download) demonstrates a distributed online banking application. BigBank is organized into several architectural tiers:

  • A modern API tier that exposes REST services for account balance, financing (loans), and payments.
  • A backend tier that simulates legacy services accessed vis Web Services (WS-*) and JMS.
  • A high-performance, event-driven fraud detection subsystem built using ZeroMQ.

Getting Setup

To build and deploy BigBank do the following:

1. Build the BigBank source

To build BigBank, execute: mvn clean install.

The build will produce runtime images in /servers.

2. Start the servers

When the build has completed, boot the Fabric3 runtime from the servers/server-backend/target/image/bin directory by executing:

java -jar server.jar

Alternatively, the server can be started by providing the path to the server.jar archive relative to the current directory. e.g.:

java -jar target/image/bin/server.jar


Next, boot  the Fabric3 runtime from the servers/server-frontend/target/image/bin. 

3. Run the clients

From your IDE, launch one of the clients located in the client module. 

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